Goddess Ancora (The Triple Goddess)

Goddess Ancora (The Triple Goddess)


Mother of All
Main celebrations and why

In late Winter she sleeps in the earth as an old Crone, the sun is gone and a season of death grips the world. As she rests, her and her aged husband now known as the* Holly Lord* sleep together and she conceives the Sun, Bel again and goes to sleep. The Holly Lord returns to the surface of the earth and brings gifts of hope in the form of evergreens, both trees and of course holly and mistletoe as a celebration of the returning Sun. It is at this time that we celebrate Yule, a celebration of the Sun’s return using evergreens as decoration and lights to remind us of the coming light and hope in this dark time.

In early Spring on Imbolc, she is the young maiden who is reborn in the earth. The ice breaks away and the days grow longer as she gives birth to the Sun and releases life itself into the world in the form of rain.
In mid Spring we celebrate Ostara, and fertility in nature. The animals awaken, babies are born, the grass begins to sprout, flowers are in bloom and life is renewed once more for Beltane in early Summer.

Beginning in Mid Summer on Litha, she is the maiden full of life and strength as the crops grow and she works to supply for her children into to early Autumn for the first Harvest, Lammas.

In early autumn on Mabon, her youth begins to wain and the color begins to faid from her hair. The sun gets weaker and the cold or winter slowly begins to creep in.

In late Autumn we celebrate the end of the year with Samhain. She is now the old crone. The wise woman sways between life and death. On this day the veil between the worlds is thinnest and the dead can visit the living. The days grow longer and the world grows dark with the death of the sun. Its light is now seen but hardly felt. Bon fires celebrate the power of the sun and the promise of its return.


Ancora the Triple Goddess
She is the past, present and future. Life, death and rebirth. Hope, Love and Plenty and is represented by the phases of the moon.

Goddess of:
Wheel of the Year
Life, Death and rebirth
The Moon
The Night

Goddess Ancora (The Triple Goddess)

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