Thune Anari

deep blue green eyes, same color hair, moves like underwater, human toned skin, gills, fins coming off forearms and calfs




Height 6’

Weight 220 lbs

Age 28

Eye Deep Blue Green

Hair Deep Blue Green

Skin Tawny


Chaotic Good
A chaotic good character acts as his conscience directs him with little regard for what others expect of him. He makes his own way, but he’s kind and benevolent. … Chaotic good can be a dangerous alignment when it disrupts the order of society and punishes those who do well for themselves.


His Sword Hilt


His shield is givin to him by his god, Longshen, who gives him one of his scales.
Critical: ×2
Range Increment: —
Type: Bludgeoning
Shield Bonus: +1
Maximum Dex Bonus: —
Armor Check Penalty: −1
Arcane Spell Failure Chance: 5%
Hardness (Steel): 10
This shield has 3 charges on it per day. As a reaction you may have it cast Thunderwave in a 5 ft cone, on being hit, originating from you.


Thune Anari

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