Second Chance



You are rushing through the snow in the cart, you arrive at Abby’s and give the potion to James who transforms into a woman with a staff on her back that you remember all of the guards of Greystone used.
She has deep green eyes, long red nails and Raven black hair. She’s wearing a dress similar to Muerta’s with black and red lace.

She also has a small black head dress and a golden necklace with an emerald that has black smoke in it.
She takes the bottle and disappears.

Suddenly everything around you dissolves away and you are all standing around the plate of cookies at Ancora, the mother goddess and Mrs Clause had given you. She looks at you all lovingly.

They allowed you see hours into the future the first time you eat them and give you full health and vitality. Afterward, you will see only a minute into the future and gain a boost to your overall life.

**As a bonus action you can eat a cookie (Advantage on attack rolls, and all saving throws including death saving throws for 1 minute. Also for one minute you cannot be affected Conditions.

Finally, starting from the first cookie to the fifth cookie, you gain a decreasing increment of Hp added to your total Hp as a permanent bonus. 5,4,3,2,1 for a total of 15 additional HP.**

“Santa” gestures to you. I believe that now is the time for you to receive your gifts.

You go down the great corridor as two large silver wolves run passed you into the dark room ahead, followed by the two white ravens.

The room slowly illuminates as you step through the door way.

Torches begin to light near the entry and around the room and at the same time the wolves are revealed sitting on either side of a large stone throne.


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