Second Chance

Session 5


You feel the cold creeping in through the walls of your four horse carage as you rush forward through the snow of the Ancora Fields. Through the muddy streets of Glas, you charge ahead to save Abby’s life with the blood red potion you received from the gods. As time seems to slip away, finally you arrive at Abby’s Inn at the edge of the forest. You each step out and see Abby rocking in her crickety old chair with her dog, Sirius lying next to her.
Suddenly you see James emerge from the house and walk straight towards you. As Sirius lets out a subtle growl you have the sense that something isn’t right.
Everything seems to slow down around you and you take in every detail. Abby appears to be extremely confused as James reaches out for the potion. You hand it over thinking that your task is complete. Abby will finally be healed. And then James reveals a toothy grin and slowly waves his hand.
Then James transforms into a beautiful woman with a staff on her back that you remember all of the guards of Greystone having, though hers is more intricate and has a large tear drop ruby as a crown.
She has deep green eyes, Raven black hair and skin like the snow around her. She’s wearing a dress similar to Muerta’s with black and red.

She also has a silver necklace with an onyx stone that has black smoke emitting from it.
She takes the bottle and vanishes.

Suddenly everything around you dissolves away and you are all standing in the rustic kitchen of Ancora and Odin. On the table in front of you is the plate of cookies that Ancora, the mother goddess and Mrs Clause had given you. The carvings on the beams and even the style of the structure around you remind you of a norse make.
She looks at each of you, lovingly, “Are you all alright my children?”

They allowed you see hours into the future the first time you eat them and give you full health and vitality. Afterward, you will see only a minute into the future and gain a boost to your overall health.

**As a bonus action you can eat a cookie (Advantage on all dice rolls for one minute you also cannot be affected Conditions for one minute.(this effect is applied only to the first five cookies you eat.)

Finally, starting from the first cookie to the fifth cookie, you gain a decreasing increment of Hp added to your total Hp as a permanent bonus. 5,4,3,2,1 for a total of 15 additional HP.

All cookies after the fifth heal equal to half your total health. You also gain advantage on all saving throws for 3 rounds.**
Now, says Santa, you must go and retrieve the silver urn from your lady Abigail and take it to Dagda’s Seat, where you entered this world.
There you shall be given your gifts.
Also take this with you, as he holds the same bottle you had seen in your collective vision. He adds a drop of his blood and then fills the rest with water. This, he says as he gives it to you, will make her master very happy, for a time. You have one week before he knows that it’s no immortality potion. Then he will begin to look for you all.

((After she disappears, Abby begins to cry and starts to shake, screaming, where is my son!?” And collapses to the ground sobbing and passes out with tears in streaming down her cheek and into her silver hair.

(Any last minute questions)
They travel to Dagda’s Seat.
On the other side of the pile of rocks, you see a pool of water about 5’ round with a slight bluish purple glow.

You feel only the very surface of the water touching your wrist but totally dry on the other side. They all jump in and go down the great corridor as two large silver wolves run passed into the dark room ahead, followed by the two white ravens.
An arch sits at the door which reads “the hall of the Gods”

Torches begin to light near the entry and around the room and at the same time the wolves are revealed sitting on either side of a large stone throne.

Here they see Odin in all his glory along with other thrones and writing on circular tablets on the ground. From these emerge Anubis, Eris and Amaterasu who all open the silver container. From it emerges Thune and who knights Kingston and gives him a magic sword and shield.

Anubis give Kari a blade of shadows and transforms her bracer for 3x invisibility, Eris gave Lenus a cloak that makes him have higher ac and 3x invisibility and awakens his dagger.
Amaterasu gave Ashreal a scarf made of fire and reveals their purpose here is to defeat Erebus.
Kari learns that the sorceress killed her parents and took their souls. She also learns that to release the souls she must destroy the necklace but not kill the sorceress first. Lenus learns from Eris what his actions have caused and Kingston drinks with Thune and Lee.

They return to Abby’s and are given the House. They leave to find treasure. They kill goblins and hobgoblins, even raising them again and bringing some back to the house but only after rescuing Art, the stablemasters son.

Kingston begins to train him before all but Art leave for Glas. They give Zuri a magic smith hammer that was given by Vulcan and they ask her to move into their house until its safe.


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