How the World Began

Darem Genesis

In the beginnig Erebus was all that existed.The god of evil and eternal nothingness itself.

Then Hope appeared out of the darkness and took the form of a young maiden who called herself Ancora meaning Hope. She held out her hands and created a light in the darkness she called Luna. Erebus shreiked at this sight and tried to remove her from existance but could not conquer her, though always reaching out to destroy her.

Ancora being the goddess of life and love created a lover and friend she called Dagda. Together they created a stone they called Darem and together they went into it to escape Erebus. The surface of Darem was cold and barren. Ancora wept at the sight until all of Darem was covered in ocean except for where they landed. She named this island Tír Na Nóg and a great fog rose up around it. Then she created a new island called Darem and then touched the soil and both islands became fertile and covered in grasses and flowers. Then they entered the soil of Darem.

In the darkness, they had both aged and she became weak and elderly. He had a long white beard, green holly leaves about his face, red and white holly berries and pine cones on his head. She had long white hair, a black cloak and walking stick. In that moment they consimated their love inside the earth and she became pregnant.

In celebration Dagda went to the surface of Darem. He saw that all the grass had died or frozen over and so he created holly to show the energy of life is ever-present though Erebus threatened to destroy it. (why evergreens exist and live through winter) Then he created the evergreen trees and mistletoe to shine in the moonlight.


He returned to his wife and agreed that they’re new world would need protection so she created a great black Wolf that she called Sirius to guide them in the darkness and protect them from harm. He was given stars throughout his body and two great lights for eyes and a thick coat to withstand the cold. He is the guardian of the night and protector of life in the darkness. (Why the star Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky) He is also a wise counseler and guide in the night.

Three months after conception Ancora gave birth to Belenos, The Sun. A tall bright white man who fought back the darkness with his golden shield and bow. He is the god of light and rebirth. After his birth the ground began to warm and all could be seen. Dagda then created a well of his blood and from it grew an Ash tree in celebration of the birth of his son. This tree he call Yggdrasil, the tree of the world that continued to grow until it contained all within and held up Aellai who was the wind and sky.
Belenos fell in love with Aellai who gave birth to the race of Aarakocra. The first of these children was Ra god of farms, sands, rain and fire.cb35116308ae886c78cff0b10bd239d2.jpg

Next Dagna created all the plants of the earth and Ra released the rains onto Darem which made Ancora a young maiden again, wearing a bright green gown. Dagda also became young again, his white beard turned dark brown vines, his holly leaves became oak leaves and acorns replaced the holly berries.
Then the forest let out a breathe and out of a great oak came Cernunnos, god of animals, the forest, oaks and hunting.

He had the face, ears and legs like that of a deer, the torso of a man and six horns on his head. Two antlers, two rams horns and two small pointed horns. He cut open his hand and the drops of blood became all the animals of the forest.

His hunting partner was Mac Tíre, son of Sirius and Luna and father of all wolves. He was a large grey wolf with golden eyes.

The red and white berries and pine cones that fell to the earth from Dagda and became the first races in the world. The red berries became humans, the white became elves and the pine cones became the dwarves. Mac Tír taught men and elves about Astronomy, Astrology, Medicine and Survival. Cernannos taught the men and elves to hunt, track and to protect the sacred animals of the forest.

Ancora and Dagda rejoiced at the power of this fertile earth and the diversaty of its new inhabitants. 396d3f1759c03071e3dd3d90506dce49--creative-illustration-hedges.jpg

Ancora cried tears of joy and they became the oceans and seas and from the waters arose a daughter, Mazu, Goddess of the seas.contest_submission-submissionImage-18897.jpg

Mazu reached out her hand and released life into the oceans and created all the creatures of the deep. She also created the dragon kings of the world, Ao Guang (敖廣), Dragon King of the East Sea

Ao Qin (敖欽), Dragon King of the South Sea
Ao Run (敖閏), Dragon King of the West Sea
Ao Shun (敖順), Dragon King of the North Sea and finally Lóngshén the Dragon King.
They are the four directions and control the rain and waters in their own sections of the world.

They gave birth to the dragons of the world, who in turn, gave birth to the races of Dragonborn.
Everything was alive, the air, the water, the very stones had a soul of their own. Soon Nymphs and dryads began to emerge from the oceans, the trees and all manner of nature itself until the world now had hundreds of species of creatures all living in harmony with one another.
Mazu also gave birth to Zues, Posiden and Vulcan who were gods of lightning, the oceans and valcanos respectivly.

How the World Began

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