Session 1

They emerge from the mist and through a great arch way in the middle of a midnight forest. Under foot is a sickly looking bird roughly two feet tall, about the size of a turkey, walking to the West with cinnamon sticks in its mouth. The arch crumbles behind them at the base of a mountain face , souds like thunder come from beyond the peaks. Above is the moon and ahead is the sound of a crackling fire and flute. West they would meet Sara, Alvero, Adam and Jozeph where the bird drops the sticks and sleeps for the night or leads them to Abby’s. To the north is a faint light, like a candle. When they get closer, it appears to be a will-o-the-wisp. Then more appear, leading to “Abby”. You hear the spirits in the distance moaning and whispering. If they go to Nok, they will be sent to Abby’s by James or Azure the villa owner.

They are greeted by an elderly woman, easily in her eighties. She has a wooden cane, silver hair and earth toned dress and shirt as well as a leather pouch on her side and an gold necklace with a blood red ruby in the shape of a diamond around her neck. She squints as she looks upon you as though not being able to see well. “Hello? Is someone there? Come closer so I can see you.” If they don’t come she sends James out to find them.

You pass a small boulder with what look like ancient carvings of the eye of ra.

Dark Innocence

Thune and Lee
It has been winter and night since the end of the great war, about 2.5 years ago and wandering the world you’ve seen so much death by exsposure that it has almost become common place.

You come to the smoldering village of Timoor and hear a child crying. You come to the child and it reaches up. They healed the burned child out of the rubble and she passes out. Lee takes her to a an abandoned house with a hole in the roof. He set her near the fireplace and made a fire out of the sheets. It began to snow and they covered her. Lee heard a gutteral noise and looked and saw the Horned Devil eating a villager.

They defeat it into a scortched mess on the ground. They defeat the girl who was a warlock, made a deal to defeat her father and lost her village. They heal her and send her inside. They introduce eachother and she tried to kill herself in the fire. They heal her and Lee offers to follow them. She passes out after a good talking too. They stay with her until she is rested and take her to the next village and leave her at the orphanage in Eren. She took the name Moira Lee Thune, after which Lee and Thune traveled together for a time.

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