Session 4


As they left the rough wooden walls of Glas they come upon the mossy green, rolling hills of Ancora, past the thin forest of Glas.

After three days of traveling with a caravan of artisans to the city of Graystone, the temperature began to drastically drop the wet grass freezing as they went.

Within yards of the city, they begin to hear the thundering of hooves behind them. The group turned around and saw a line of solid white horse, as far as the eye could see, charging in their direction with a blanket of snow in their wake.

Kingston runs up behind the horse and cart and pushes it even faster, getting the horse, cart and caravan into the city gates before the wall of winter steeds slams into it.

They find themselves in the Stone Quarter of the city, the lowest levels of society and of the tiered city. As they enter, they see the city, they see many guards who all have black staves with a red crystal on top. All these guards have red and black robes and face masks that only show their eyes.

These few days of travel, they had become close with a couple coming to the city to sell they flour from the final harvest of the year. From them, the group leared that the storming horses were indeed the Mares of Odin, which bring with them the Season of Winter and are heralds of the coming of Odin and the holiday of Yule.

They leave The Great Gate, and come to a curved T in the road.

An elderly man in a red and black robe holding a black staff gets in front of the crowd and announces that The Mares of Odin have arrived, now is the time to pray at the shrine of Dagda to receive his blessing.

Ashrael and Kari take the horse and cart and follow the procession to The Ivory Quarter where all stop and pray at the shrine of Dagda and Ancora. The old man raises his hands with a silver dager in one and cuts the other, bleeds into the pool of water between the two shrines, kneels and prays.

Suddenly all the sconches in the city have a slightly golden hue and all the snow in the city melts bringing the vity to a comfortable temperature. Also small sprigs of holly, mistletoe and new evergreen trees sprout up all over the city with celebration and cheering from the crowds.

At the same time, Kingston and Lenus went the opposite direction in the east, in search of a place to stay for the night. As Kingston traveled the streets he found many people who where hurting and poor. He bought out the bakery and gave away all of the bread to an elderly man his extra travelin clothes and asked him to share these spoils to the others in the slums. Because of this no died from hunger in Yule. He did find the Inn, ran by a scronny older elf, named Carris. After a legthy conversation, and a small bribe of one gold, Carris hired two ogres to guard the Inn and held the entire Inn for only them.

Lenus skulked away into the alley ways just after Kingston was out of site at the bakery as the sun began to set. As he went, he caught a half-elf who was drunk and celebrating with others, as he walked into a space between the buildings. As dark as he was, he could see nothing but threw up and then Lenus enstilled fear in the man who was begging for his life.
He gave information about the guards and how magic worked here. Lenus then, without getting blood on himself, cut the man’s throat and before he died, cut him open and but out his heart, learning that half-elf hearts are on the opposite side and has an extra chamber.

As he came out from behind the Tavern, Lenus sees Kari and Ashreal just in front with a female elf, very drunk offering them Leenok Wine. They then meet up with Kingston who takes them to the Inn and after putting away their belongings, Kari goes across to the stables and meets Zaru a female centaur who decides to give them a coach and four horses in exchange for the horse and cart only because Kingston saved the horse coming into the city, they treated the horse kindly and were respectful to her.

They then left the Inn and went to the Tavern where after paying for a round for the whold place in celebration, Kari took someone else’s mug which started a brawl. In the mayhem they stole a quarter bottle of Leenok from the drunken elf they first met, stole four pouches of money, convinced two gaurds to join in, and one gnome died after being kicked into a rafter by Ashrael. Kari took his lost dagger. The brawl ended when the Elder Guard comes in and takes the knocked out guard and the revealed female guard who was making out with the original elf they met.

Afterward, they returned to the Inn and slept for the night. They find that the female guard was the Inn keepers wife. The next morning they go into town to find food.

As they pass by the tavern from the night before, they heard a woman screaming that someone was found dead outside. The woman was the female elf they met last night.

All are asked to leave and they eat at the tavern down the road. There, they are told by Carris that the guards were looking for someone who looks like Lenus and that he could help them get out of town.

After traveling through the allies to the Inn, they make a plan to escape the city without being caught.

Cara, cariss’ Wife, lead them out of the city disguised as jackal folk with seeming.

They get in the carriage with the four horses provided by the centaur Zura. They take off to the city of Erin but are confronted by Krampus.

Once defeated, though not totally killed, they save a baby boy from his bag which it is revealed to be the son of Santa/Odin/ Dagda. Santa takes them away to the North Pole where they meet his wife The Mother Goddess, Mrs Clause/Frig/Ancora.

She gives

Abby's Plight
Session 3


You have all been through quite an ordeal. You chased down a murderer, came into a new world, saw the werewolf, Adam, drag the fiend into the night and fought back animals of the wild. You’ve seen many mystical and fantastical creatures like treants, will o the wisps, the undead, and befriended the legendary Phoenix. You’ve met a vampire, Alvero, witnessed actual magic, met a dragon named James, and came face to face with the gods of Death and some of you have even died and were returned to life!

In short you’ve been through a lot! After which you were given one whole day to relax and ease your minds and bodies.

It’s been two weeks since that day and the sun is beginning to rise, finally light begins to pour over the mountain peaks to the east onto the forest below.
The leaves in the trees are mostly gone, mist is beginning to burn off and water drips onto the forest floor.

About a mile to the north are miniature explosions and yelling. Blades clashing and fires flying through the air and sizzling against the soaked area.

Welcome to The Ruined Temple of Athene Noctua. The fabled home of the god Lee until fate called him to a higher purpose. This, at least is something you’ve learned about in the last few weeks. Abigail thought this would be a safer area to train than destroying her land.

Here the four are battleing against their teachers in an all out battle. Fire flying and dragon roars with a werewolf hunting down opponants. All goes as planned until James, the Ancient Golden Dragon unleashes a great fire blast at Kingston who nearly dies from the hit. James breaks a piece off of the dragon tooth and puts it into Kingston’s mouth and forces him to chew it up. Suddently he wakes up and is fully healed.

At the same time Kari notices a small door at the base of a large broken statue and kicks it open. Inside she finds a dark tunnel and after calling for the others, travels inside.
Down a ladder, they arrive in an ancient chamber. Above, the entrance collapses and they are trapped inside as Jozeph yells down that they will find another way in.

As they travel, they come across a ghost from Lee’s time as a monk. Rather than trying to defeat the creature they convince her that the artifact she thought was lost, had indeed been returned to Athena by Lee himself. After, she offers to help them find a way out. They are lead through the labrinth by the spirit who possesses the goblins and hobgoblins down the path to safety, as they collect gold and a silver raven totem along the way, until they escaped into the forest greeted by their teachers.

James shows Ashrael how to activate it and how to use it as they travel back to Abigail’s house.

Abby is sitting in her rocking chair, Sirius keepiing watch at the gate and moving through the shadows. She greets them asking how the training went and after the discussion she determines that their basic training is over and they may now head into town if they’d like, as they now know enough to traverse this world without being discovered as foreginers.

In the morning, you may head to Glas and aquire better equipment if you’d like. She hands them each 25GP.
Now I am feeling very weary, please excuse me children. I must get to rest. (She looks at the “teachers” and says, thank you for your service now rest and know you have accomplished more than you know.

She waves her hand and they all dissapate into a silvery purple light and disappear entirly.
James waves his hand, signaling for silence and walks her up the stairs followed by Sirius and when he comes back he tells them that they were sent back to where they came from. From their perspective, they were simply haveing a recurring dream. When they slept here, they woke up there. You on the other hand, are here physically. We can not send you back so easily.

At any rate, Mo… I mean Abigail, is not doing well at all. I must stay here and take care of her but I must ask you to go to the city of Erin and retrieve a drop of an extremely rare potion that is kept only their. It is called the Flame of Life and it will not only heal her but give her the time she needs to find a way to open that damned thing. (As he points at a large, corroded, Silver bottle about a foot tall, above the fireplace.)
Right now, she doesn’t have time to give you the whole story but if you help her, I will tell you everything you wish to know. I don’t know how much time she has, maybe a few months to a few weeks but please. Do whatever it takes.
Remember, those in Erin are very secretive about this potion, you’ll have to get them to trust you and make sure you have no ill intent. You won’t be able to enter if you do.
One last thing, you won’t be able to use your magic in public. If you do, you are likly to be taken prisoner or forced into the army of Greystone. Be careful, but do what you have to do.

They make it to the village of Glas and make a new friend, Zuri a dwarven blacksmith who, so enthralled with the Phoenix, gave a deep discount on their new items. They also received 20 GP that was left over after the sale.
While in the town, Kari gave an ancient gold coin, that they learned was worth 600 GP, to the owner of the stable, Baldor.
They got an old black mare, and a Cart. Kari also told him about the man who had died in the Tavern. (It was his father) Kari had left a GP on each of his eyes and prayed to Anubis. Then the soul of Ribo was released and he passed into the land of the remembered.

They met Fera the half-elf tavern owner (Poison Ivy inspired with short hair), Rhena the halfling harlot who told them of the price of the ancient gold piece. (She had obscure knowledge of the ancients because she stole a book from Graystone.)

They also learned that medicine is something that people don’t talk about and is in the same realm as magic.

Finally they leavethe village of Glas and on their way to the Feilds of Ancora.

Welcome to Darem
Session 2


It’s Halloween just after 6pm. The weather is cool with a cloudy sky. Kari, Ashrael and Kingston are all in the common area. There’s a piano in the corner and different students practicing their drama and acting skills, some playing pool or board games and others simply watching tv. You hear a loud buzzing sound coming from the tv as a report comes on the news.

“This is a special report bulletin!: Studens and parents are being asked to stay indoors this halloween as the masked serial killer known only as Happy, is still on the lose. Be advised that anyone seen by police tonight dressed as this masked clown is to be shot on site. Though the measure enforced by the mayor is extreme, Police Commissioner Gavin says it is nessisary. (As it cuts to a tall gruff man with a white mustache, and in his late fifties, standing at a podeum in city hall) “As many of you know this killer is wanted for the murder of 6 individuals in as many weeks. This killer seems to have no preference as to whom attacks or kills. With this in mind, we strongly advise all citizens to stay in their homes, with the doors locked and leave this mater to the proper authoraties. Thank You.”

You all know that campus police presence has risen in the last few weeks and tensions are high as this evening approaches. Anyone seen dressed as a clown this halloween will be shot on site.

Ashreal tells Kari to wait inside as he sees someone in a clown mask dragging a clearly drunk girl behind the building across the way, through the window. On his way out he tells Kingston to watch his back as they head out the door.

In the dark, Kari can hear the screams of the young woman. She sprints out the back door with the others and there they find their proffesor, Lenus Johnson, attacking the man and chases him into the woods. As they go down a hill, Kingston launched a football that hits him behind his knees and knocks him down, summersaulting head first, between the trees and into a clearing with a thud.

A thick fog begins setting in until they can no longer see. They hear him moan and chase him through the fog until it clears and the group find themselves in the middle of a foriegn forest with a clear sky.


They emerge from a great arch way in the middle of a midnight forest.

Suddenly, Ashreal dodges a blade wielded by the man in the clown mask but Lenusis stabbed. They hear a low growling and then a large Wolf head appears out of the darkness, bites into the stranger and drags him into the shadows screaming. A large sickly red bird, the size of a turkey waddles by carrying a few sticks in its mouth.

The arch crumbles behind them at the base of a mountain face , souds like thunder coming from beyond the peaks.

To the north is a faint green light, like that of a candle. When they get closer, Kari tells them that it is a will-o-the-wisp. It can lead you to your fate as Lenus announces that it may also lead to death. In the end , they deside to follow it. as they come nearer, it disapears and a new one apears nearly 100 yards away.

They pass by many trees, and some that even shimmer a light green in the moon light.

Kingston and Kari climb into a tree to try to find where they are. A pair of wolves approach the group and discover that many of them have magical abilities here. Lenus creates a large, skeletal hand that freezes one wolf with fear as Kingston shoots it with a fireball.

Eventually the wolves run away and the group move to a light they had seen in the distance from the tree. As they approach, they hear the sound of a crackling fire and flute playing.

From there they see the silohuette of Sara playing the flute dancing around the fire as, Alvero the vampire, Adam the werewolf who drugg off the masked man, and Jozeph a pyromancer are sitting around the fire cheering. After learning that they had all only been in this world for a couple of hours and did not know where to go, they decide to work together. Sara offers them tents for the night and they all sleep for the night as Alvero and Adam keep watch over the camp after Sara puts crystals around the camp and casts a protection spell. The bird drops the sticks and sleeps for the night on Ashrael’s feet.

In the morning Adam tells the group of a house and stone bridge up the river not far from camp. They may be able to find a place to stay. They all realize that Alvero is missing.
Jozeph is cooking fish in his hand and Kingston copies him as well as the mage hand that Lenus had used.

Adam turns into werewolf almost instantly and takes off to the north. The group follows his tracks and they see a bear eating the remains of the clown near the edge of the river.
Kingston trys to scare it off and it comes charging at them. Kari dissapears into the bushes and when it gets close enough she jumps through the air and stabs it in the back. Lenus put the bear to sleep and head north up river.

While they travel up river they see a tree walking past them, a treant.

Finally they arrive as the large bird drops its sticks onto a large pile outside and they are greeted by Alvero who welcomes everyone in. Inside everyone including Adam are greeted by an elderly woman, easily in her eighties. She squints as she looks upon you as though not being able to see well. She introduces heself as Abigail Williams and the large man by her is James. She offers everyone something to eat and free lodging.

The bird is huddled next to the fire by a large black dog with glowing white eyes.

She has 10 bowls of stew already placed at a couple wooden tables not far from the fire place.
She casts a spell to make it look dark outside and sleep to send everyone to bed.

That night everyone is woken by loud thunder outside as a woman yells out, “You know why I’m here Abigail! Give them to me and you won’t be harmed.”

The bird is still building the pile of brush and plants , which has grown by about three feet and lays down on the pile.

You leave my guests alone! They are no threat to you or your master. “

Victoria raises her hands and the earth begins to move around her as the ground and rocks split. Hands begin popping out of the soil around the inn.
“You remember these guests, don’t you?”
Undead corpses move in toward the group and they soon dispatch of them though they are gravely injured.

Kira throws Lenus’ knife and stabs it into her the woman in black. She screams in pain and moaning and shreaks come from within her wounds. Kira then stabs her in the neck with the same result. She looks at her and her eyes sink in like a skull.
Ashrael and Kira charge at the woman and she touches them both on the head. Black smoke comes out of their eyes and into their mouths and their bodies collapse.

Then the woman goes over to Lenus and tries to convince him to join her and her master because he has such potential. As a small gift to show what he could receive from them, she blesses him as a Fallen Aasimar.

James returns in the form of a dragon and gives Kingston a dragon tooth that cut him and he becomes one of the dragonborn.

Kari and Ashrael meet again in the underworld and Anubis releases them to return to the world of the living, because it is not their time yet. Kira’s body is covered in sand and pulled into the earth and then is risen as an Anubite, one of the race of creatures who have been touched by the god Anubis.

The bird tries to drag Ashrael but can’t move him. Kingston picks up his body and launches him across the yard and into the pile that the bird has been making. After getting there itself, it opens its wings and flaps making a pillar of flame that engulfs them both. The flames dissapate and floating above it is the newly reborn Phoenix and emerging from the ashes is Ashrael now with feathers coming from his wrists, ankles, wings and white hair.

The Phoenix tells him, inside his mind that he has been chosen to carry on the light of life when the Phoenix ultimately dies as long as he is willing to do so as a symbol of peace, then like a shooting star, the phoenix shoots out of site.

Abby says that they have a lot to do . They must train in order to defeat what is coming and they will be taught by their new teachers. Ashreal asks who that would be as Jozeph raises his hand with a fireball in it and exclaims with a smile" This is going to be fun!"

Dark Innocence

Thune and Lee
It has been winter and night since the end of the great war, about 2.5 years ago and wandering the world you’ve seen so much death by exsposure that it has almost become common place.

You come to the smoldering village of Timoor and hear a child crying. You come to the child and it reaches up. They healed the burned child out of the rubble and she passes out. Lee takes her to a an abandoned house with a hole in the roof. He set her near the fireplace and made a fire out of the sheets. It began to snow and they covered her. Lee heard a gutteral noise and looked and saw the Horned Devil eating a villager.

They defeat it into a scortched mess on the ground. They defeat the girl who was a warlock, made a deal to defeat her father and lost her village. They heal her and send her inside. They introduce eachother and she tried to kill herself in the fire. They heal her and Lee offers to follow them. She passes out after a good talking too. They stay with her until she is rested and take her to the next village and leave her at the orphanage in Eren. She took the name Moira Lee Thune, after which Lee and Thune traveled together for a time.


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