Alvaro Santiago


Vampire Rouge

A seemingly young man, around 17-20. In the dark his eyes can be black as pitch so he can see better to hunt as a vampire. He prefers to wear clothing that shows an air of aristocracy. This started in the mid to late 1800’s when he had amassed a small fortune in the lumber industry.


I was born in Bilbao, Spain in 1746. What I consider my true date of birth is March 17 1771, when I became what I am. I was raised Catholic and was 17 when I married the most beautiful woman, Emile Glas. By the time I was 20 I had became the father to an amazing young girl, Sancha, and a then new baby boy, Juanito, two years later. On my 24th birthday, I a soldier on horse back came speaking of the Italian prince, Amadeo of Savoy who would now be leading our people. I went home to tell Emile of the news and as I turned I saw smoke coming from my up the hill. I ran as fast I could but I wasn’t fast enough.
I can still hear the screams of my children. I felt wrenched in my soul knowing that I couldn’t help them. The door was boarded with a beam. My wife reached her hands through the spaces around the boarded window and grabbed my hand sobbing. "Her brilliant green eyes filled with terror and anger. “Kill him!” She yelled pointing to a man on horse back, simply watching. I felt a huge knot in my stomach and I collapsed by the house as she retracted her hands and all fell silent except for the crackling of the fire and wood.
When I awoke it was the was March 20th, 1771 and I was inside a coffin. I could hear a knock on the lid but it was with a shovel. I pushed with all my strength and dust flew up into the air. I reached out and there she was pulling me out. I screamed when I saw I was in a cemetery in my family’s plot next to my wife and children. I felt so thirsty like I had been in a desert all these days. My hands were white as the stone cross at my grave and she laughed at my face when I saw them. She taught me of feeding, living and what can and can not harm me. I lived as one does in the night, feeding on humans as I have need, never more for I do not enjoy the fact that they are dead, though the kill is exhilarating. In the beginning I killed to share my pain they I decided that the evil of the world must stop so now I search out murderers, molesters and the like as my targets. I am the right hand of God. If you have more questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Alvaro Santiago

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