The Giant's Castle
S 10


After returning from the Goblin City, you brought back the babies you found and left them with a guard who swore to take them to their parents. Then, on your exotic mounts, you headed into the clouds and out of sight.
In the distance you can see that rain is falling on the far side of the clouds.

Once you emerge from the dense clouds, it feels like you’ve been flying for months. Fist Ashrael on his giant eagle, Kingston on a Hippogryph, Kari and her Dire Bat and finally Lenus atop Bee Gee with four skeletons attached in slightly creepy ways, making extra limbs to climb the beanstock with a 45ft movement speed.

Just behind him, someone else comes through the clouds on a giant eagle.

You all feel a warm gentle breeze rushing over the clouds and the scent of pine and fresh rain on the wind.

You land on an island of Earth surrounded only by air and some drifting clouds.
You notice that everything is roughly 3x it’s normal size.

Your mounts all curl up on the ground and begin to sleep.

There is a wooden bridge connecting it to a larger land mass.
On the horizon in the distance is a grand castle surrounded by trees, a great city and a river with a waterfall flowing over the edge.

The night sky looks more emaculate than “most” of you have ever seen before.

The air around you begins to grow colder at a rapid rate, so you can see your breath.
Suddenly, everyone hears rushing wind, whispers and tormented screams growing louder and louder while on the horizon you see a giant wall of black smoke coming towards you.

As it gets closer you see it is made of screaming skeletons, people and demons. You each see Mary, Zuri, Ren, James, Ferra and Abby, the gods, even your parents, living and dead in the black mass, Dante also sees all of his old companions, all screaming for help and in pain.

The wall hits and everything goes black. No sound, no words come when you try to speak, you don’t even feel the weight of your own body.
You hear a distorted female’s voice in the void saying, this is the utter chaos and nothingness of Erebus. He must not be freed.

Slowly the voice comes through as Abby’s.

Like the sun rise, far in the distance you see a small light in the darkness and the sound of a harp.
In your mind you see Abby in her new form.

She learns in and says, no matter what happens, do not forget your purpose. Defeat the darkness, and bring hope.

Slowly the world around you returns to normal as the darkness fades away and you are back to the place you landed, with a feeling like slowly being warmed by the sun as the chill in the air fades away with the darkness.

The light is still small but you can now see the harp glowing on the top balcony of the castle.

You all take a point of exhaustion and are too weary fly as are your mounts.

(You see giant foot prints leading towards the castle.)

Tons of Giants and offer the harp in exchange for releaving their boredom.

Defeat (something) and get the harp.


You’ve been in Galesia for the last couple of weeks. Veronica is ancious to get the job over with and take care of the kid, Aiser. He’s barely been seen if at all but the misty arura has vanished from the house for the first time in weeks.

Dae has made two contacts in the village in the last couple of weeks. Olaf, the right hand of the King and Gungnir, the blind Seer and religious leader of the kingdom of

You have learned that Greystone is now known as Camelot, and the country of Avaloc has also been renamed by the conquering King, to Caledonia.

You have also heard rumors that Arthur killed the Princess, Morganna who was pregnant at the time. Dae found out these are coming from Morgose.

Arthur is getting married to Guinevere and a grand ship, headed by Aiser will be shipping out for the event soon.

Max has been training Aesir to be a Tavern Brawler. Aesir has, overtime, began to trust him. Morgoese is taking Aiser to Caledonia.

Emerald needs to be given to Abby.

Grayson is in Galesia with the monkey palm staff.

Mother of all Monsters

After they finght in a cave with the rabbits and goblins.

Afterward a green light leads them down the tunnel to a large pool of water and see a woman swimming and singing.

At the edge of the water is a Goliath sized, deformed skeleton with its right arm laying across it and a large black stain underneath it in the stone.

She emerges and offers them glowing objects deep in the waters. Along with stained skeletons in armor, there are bones scattered throughout, and a stench of something rotten but from no particular place.

Through the light, the waters actually look kind of green tinted.

Her name is Angrboda.
She speaks common, goblin, giant and abyssal

Created for her eons ago by the great wizard Merlin in exchange for knowledege over my children. He told me that he would protect this place until the four of you came and helped me to accomplish my goal here.

Erebus, the greatest Evil, will be brought into this world and destroy us all if the boy grows to become a man. He will be the gateway of the Evil one. (Speach)

After speech: Now go, and keep Erebus from entering this world through him. End the child and you shall be greatly rewarded.

His name is Aesir meaning, she says rolling her eyes, “Of the Gods”
He is the great great grandson of the hero Beowulf. He is about 10 years old, dark hair and refuses to die. Only one whom he trusts can kill him. Do this and you will become like gods. Gives them skeletal dagger. As she does you all see an image of the boy you had saved from poison.

A tear drops from her eyes, with a slight bow, Thank you as she sinks in the dark pit.

The villagers are warriors and will defend the King of Kattegette.




(Dae is cursed to be haunted)

Brunhild takes them through a gate down a rainbow bridge and when the rainbow fades they are in Gattegette, in Galese.

In the corner of your eye you see a dark shadow on the ground eerily smiling at you. When you look straight at it, it is just someone’s shadow.

Ships wont head out until the spring but they will learn of this culture and hear from a trader that Uther Pendragon is amassing an army in Greystone after a dragon and phoenix stopped the craziness.

Max sees Abby and Sirius where she tells him that not everything is what it seems.

Eris diguises herself as Abby, tricks Max into giving Dae the ring of maddness and releases her sister, Lyssa.

In the chaos of the insuing maddness, it scares many people and they are now afraid of these strangers.

As this happened they began to hear a woman sobbing, leaning over her son who was foaming at the mouth and eyes rolled back.

Dante healed him from the poison that someone in a cloak had given him. They chase down the person with guidance from Nyx and find out she is a young woman who showed up before the first group. She lost her friends in the fight against Muerte and learned a once/day portal spell from Abby.

The girl’s name was Veronica, and her deity is Eris and after sleeping with Max, it was discovered that she is a succubus.

The next day, they all went to fight at the cave against the demon rabbits they found there and Dante, with his crown, he took control of 40 goblins who will be helping to fight the horde.

Training with Nyx


After bringing to Dante to the heavens, he is told that to be given what is coming to him, he must defeat three tests. He defeated Sirius, Three Valkyries and Scorpio before intimidating Draco and making him his animal companion.

Nyx slept with him for his intimidation and gave him a sword made of a star.

Training with Santa
S1.2 1/2


Last time, you were all at the forge of the gods as Vulcan began crafting your items for you.

After everyone receives their gifts, Nyx looks at Dante and gestures to him with a single finger and a fiendish smile. “I have one more gift to for you. But you’ll be receiving it , uhum, in private.” Dante almost faints with a massive smile on his face and together they disappear in a swirl of stars and darkness.

Afterward, Odin shakes his head and announces that you are going to need training with your new items. Prove yourselves worthy and you shall receive an award.

A flash of light and they find themselves in a large empty field surrounded by dense fog.

Max throws a rock with light on it and it disappears on contact.

Soon the sounds of drums began to reverb from the most as an army of over 62 Valkyries descended into area with Spears pointed at the group.

After an all out battle, the remaining Valkyries move to the side as Odin comes in to battle. In the end, his ear is pierced and he is defeated by being grappled by Max for most of the battle.

Afterward Odin gives a slight bow and a door appears leading to Valhalla just after Dante returns.

Winter Comes


As they wake at Abby’s, breakfast is already waiting on the table for the Max, Dante, Abidious and Wong. There is even coffee which the halflings fell in love with.

After Abby waves a wand and relieves the caffeine high now engulfing the little people, they head off to the ruins, just north of the house to find another Phoenix feather. Abby let’s them know that she may be gone when they return, looking for James.

Instead they find a hole in the base of a giant statue and travel inside.

After a little traveling, they come across a group of goblins who see Dante as a savior for the goblins.

After some time, he scares away the goblin king and becomes king himself. Then he fights the evil goblin Blix, cutting off his arm, taking his wand and taking his head.

He is given a crown, an upside down skull with a hole cut in the top, and a black gemstone embedded in the forehead.

They also receive 20 ancient golden coins each, and tell the goblins to amass an army to fight the goblin king in the goblin city, until they return.

When they leave the cave, they pass by goblins and hobgoblins that are brain dead and blind.
As they leave, they find that the mares of Odin have come and gone.

About a foot of snow covered the landscape as they returned to Abby’s.

As they slept the weather kicked up, and a blizzard came in. Wolves could be heard from all around. When Dante looks out he can see Madam Muerte, a white woman with white hair and black eyes.

Max also sees this and it shows to be too much for him. Max is afraid of ghosts
Abidious and Wong light candles and pray for protection.

Just before being killed by muerte, Santa/Odin appears and takes them to his home where they meet their deities.

They are blessed, and given gifts from the gods, also They have one hour they can repeat

Meanwhile, in the beginning...


It’s been a week, according to the news, since three students, a teacher and the masked killer all disappeared.

Dante, a bouncer outside of the MMA arena, hears this as people wait in the cold to get into the venue.

Inside Max is about to face the Rock in a all out fight when the power goes out.

Dante escourts Max with another bouncer to his vehicle and on the way the power comes back on as they come across a few street thugs who picked the wrong guys to mess with.

After getting a knifer pulled on them, they defeat all but the big boss who had a tattoo on his arm for an evil Cult to Yami. The lights grow dim and Adam and Alvero, a werewolf and Vampire respectivly, take out the last few and then launch Dante and Max into the mist as a blonde in a red hoodie comes around the corner.

When they get off the ground they find themselves in Darem. Watching is Abidious and Wong, twin Gnomes from the city of Noc.

The two go with the twins after Nyx instructs them all to find a silver urn in the coast of Coven. They retreave the urn and bring it and Abby’s book back from Coven to Abby outside of Glas. While in Coven, Dante turned into a Bug Bear, an extinct race of Goblin. Max is now an Asimar thanks to his deity, Hyperion.

Lee has been drinking with Wong while Abidious (Dia) hasn’t heard from his god as of yet.
Now they are resting at Abby’s house.

The Goblin Labyrinth
S 9


Last time you gathered up an army and attacked the city of Greystone. After the deaths of Uther and the pregnant sorceress, Morgan la Fey, Arthur became king and wished for each of you to became nobles with your own tracts of land and people’s of the area to protect. All but Ashrael accepted.

In that time Kingston went to Coven and began training a guard battalion for the small city.

Kari took hold of Nok and created an orphanage there for the children of the war and others as well as aiding the city financially.

Lenus began working in Glas. Adding money into the economy and getting to know the people’s their and how they lived.

Ashrael spent a lot of time rebuilding Abby’s old home. At the same time he learned more from Ren about her homeland, the Half-dragon that rules over Qin, the symbol of hope they see in the Phoenix and about the cult of Yami, followers of Erebus and assassins under the control of the Emperor.

Now you are all at the Royal wedding of Arthur and Guenivere prosided over by Merlin who determined the time at which to have it. At the end of the ceremony, just before dawn, people from all over the country fill the top and middle tiers all with torches glowing brightly and from where you are, look like stars.

As the first light of dawn creeps over the horizon a large golden harp appears in the center of the new garden just outside the keep, between the statues of Ancora and Dagda. All in attendance hear the gentle voice of a woman, you recognize it as Ancora’s.
“Blessed are those who keep my children from all harm. I grant to you abundance and Health. May life spread faster than the past darkness and those with child come to term without pain and prosperity to all here as long as this harp remains on this fountin. May it be a beacon of hope for all in this land.”

And a faint wave of light goes out in all directions as from this high point you see all the dried fields and lands around Camelot become a deep emerald green full of new life and fertility and the trees bloom now covered in white and pink flowers.

Everyone cheers as the harp begins to play by some unseen force and a voice echoes over the wind.

You hear women throughout cheer with joy as all those who are pregnant slowly growing and all have a sense of peace and comfort.

(Kingston roll perception)
Mary is one of the women who now looks 9 months pregnant. She runs up to Kingston and shouts that she wasn’t even sure if she had been pregnant.

Everyone rejoices as the children are born and begin to celebrate.

Later that day, Kingston goes to check on his family and finds that his new son, Mathias had been replaced with a changeling. In anger he kills the creature and then brings it back to life. They learn that the goblin King has him and Mary kills it again.

Suddenly, a black shadow
takes off with the harp and all the plants die off.
They choose to get Kingston’s baby back as Mary stayed behind because of the pain that returned after the harp left. Merlin left to tell Arthur what had happened who was on honeymoon with Guennivere in Avalon. He did not return.

(While gone, after a week of dry bread, little water and evil babies, a sorceress came to Camelot claiming that she killed a goblin in her home near Glas who tried to replace her child when she had a vision of dozens of babies being taken for the same reason and so she set out to wipe out the creatures.

She had red hair and a black choker. Her child is being watched by her sister at home.
The people followed her to get back their children.

As the temperatures rose and all of the changelings were killed off they went to Erin in order to find food and shelter for a time. )
After making their way to the city of Erin on accident.
The group solved puzzles in the labyrinth, defeated the goblin king who was a demon and destroyed their castle.

They took all the babies carried by the muli limbed skeletons and BG, returned to Camelot and planted the golden beans.
They gave the babies to the guards who will take them to their parents in Erin.

An earthquake woke the group later that night and a giant beanstalk emerged from the center of the city and they began going up.

The Fall of Greystone


It’s been a month since the Assassins betrayed you and began working for Uther.
In that time, Kingston was able to get the dragonborn in the city together and convinced them to side with you but stay subtle for now.
Afterwards he left the city to find Arthur in Coven.

Lenus went back to his experiments and created 4, four armed skeletons to do his bidding. After hiding them away in the night, he found that he couldn’t get back into the city.

Kari snuck back into the castle and managed to get Tommy to bite Uther giving him mummy rot and snuck back out without being seen. (He will now be weaker in battle)
Afterwards she left the city to get Treeants and dryads on your side and succeeded. On her return she found that she could not enter the city.

Ashreal left for a time in search of a barbarian and after searching failed in the attempt. He met up with Kari and Lenus outside the city and learned what all had happened inside.

Taxes rose to pay this new army and wanted posters have been seen everywhere for the four of you, and Zuri who after being commissioned to create thousands of shackles for the people of Greystone, instead killed five assassins and destroyed the royal forge with her great hammer and vanished with many servants, some of the old guards and a few peasants.

You also see propoganda in different areas calling for “Recruits for the Glorious Kingdom of Greystone to defeat those enemies who threaten your king and your home.”

You hear that no matter how they tried, the new army could not destroy the Silver Scale Tavern. Fire would not catch and swords and even boulders from the higher tier did not leave a scratch.

The people frequently took refuge in the building as none but those who supported you could enter.

Rumors also began to spread that the princess had been put in the dungeons. She had apparently lost much of her great power when her necklace died and so
was no longer useful to him and he feared she would betray him but couldn’t bring himself to kill her.

The guards destroyed your statues leaving only busted up stones but again could not harm the sword or the stone it was in.

Now it is watched night and day by rotating shifts of guards to keep any from trying to pull it, though once in a while an assassin will try their luck at drawing it, just in case.

Thousands of people from all over the continent seem to go toward the seemingly mythical city of Erin.

Coven, you hear has totally vanished. Just outlines of where buildings once stood.
You also hear that it may now be haunted as you can sometimes hear voices and see footsteps in the dust.

After some arguing, to find Kingston and get Arthur to the sword, they show up and together you decide to forsake the city in the night and head to your house.

On the way he tells how he found Arthur in Coven and learned that Thune had hidden the city turning everyone and everything invisible to protect them until the time is right. He also learns what has happened to Greystone and the surrounding areas from the rest of you.

As you sneak through Glas after noticing wanted posters, you see from a distance large clouds of smoke from your property and you find that it has been burned to the ground leaving only smoldering embers and a scorched chimney.

For some reason, no gods are answering your prayers so, after arguing for sometime on what to do next, you settle on going to Nok and find Abby.
There you have been, preparing for what’s to come.

(When they sleep)
Kari sees a young woman in a red cloak. It’s Sara who teaches Kari to fly as promised. She says to drink the blood in the underworld.

You wake up in the Inn where you stayed last time. The people here have been keeping the assassins from gaining any real info of your whereabouts and some originally from Glas, Coven and Greystone, have gone to lengths to great lengths to disguise themselves as you with items procured from Abby and head in different directions to cover your tracks. One group in particular use to be guards in Greystone who want Uther’s reign to end and have gained hope from your efforts and renown in other areas of Avaloc.

It is now just after sun up and you hear someone gently knocking on the door to your room.

Mary at the door. A blonde slender human wearing a silver band with grape vines on her left hand and is seemingly enfatuated with Kingston.
(A little gnome in a red cap told me where to find you my love! I thought you had left me forever! I thought you were dead or worse!
Please my love, take this. I umm… found this for you as a wedding present.
When are you coming home?

Married in the monks temple of Lee. If he blesses the marriage, then Lee produces this ring for the bride.
Thunder echoes across the fields of Ancora as your armies move on the towering city of Greystone. The sun blotted out as all becomes dim light with brief flashes of bright lightning over the field. You are all chilled to the bone but ready for whatever comes next. Thunder claps and for an instance, you see the sillouette of a great dragon appear through the clouds as lightning crosses the sky. Newly made soldiers begin bangin their shields with their hilts as Arthur rides ahead holding high the great sword Excaluber. As he lifts it, the blade is struck by a briliant bolt of lightning and begins to glow and radiate a bright white blue light. He swings the sword hard back toward the city and releases a giant bolt of lightnight strait at one of the city towers. The bolt explodes on impact and the tower crumbles.
Everyone yells and charges as another army floods out after you through the great hole in the wall.
Arrows rain down from the sky as archers launch from the walls. The armies clash and you are all battling for your lives!

Roll Initiative
(3- rough battles and then Uther in blood red armor appears out of the crowd with a large flail.
Mary killed in battle.




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